M D Williamson Sr CPA CFE


The firm of M. D. Williamson, Sr., CPA, CFE provides accounting and business services to help it's client grow and prosper. By helping client's accounting departments better serve the operating portion of the business our clients are better able to focus on what they do best without worrying about whether accounting can keep up.

Services Provided

CONSULTING SERVICES - Mike Williamson, Sr., CPA has served in the capacity of Corporate Controller or Chief Financial Officer since 1988. Since the inception of the firm, Mr. Williamson has assisted clients by serving as their part-time, temporary or interim Controller/CFO. As a part-time Controller or CFO he has the background and knowledge to step in, learn the company and take over the management of the client's accounting function. As a temporary or interim Controller/CFO he has the capacity to step in and hold an accounting department together until a permanent Controller/CFO can be found by the client.

Fraud Investigations and Forensic Accounting - As a Certified Fraud Examiner Mr. Williamson and his firm has the knowledge and resources to help answer questions involving complex transactions and/or investigate potential fraud situations.

Tax Planning and Preparation - Our firm has been providing tax planning and tax preparation services since it's inception in 1997. We can prepare all federal and state income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and franchise tax returns. We are able to prepare all major federal income tax returns for corporations, s-corps, partnerships, individuals and non-profit entities.


Our office is located in Ennis, TX.